Women wearing stylish graphic tees from a new lifestyle brand, DSGN BY D.

Cutting-Edge Chic Meets Eco-Conscious Soul: Design by D. Debuts with Bold City Wear

New York, NY (January 1, 2024) – Award-winning designers C.J. Yeh and Christie Shin, professors at the prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology, announce the launch of Design by D., a visionary lifestyle brand breathing new life into urban style and everyday objects.

"DSGN BY D. isn't mere clothing; it's a pulse," says Shin. "We create bold yet refined designs that empower you to own your city with effortless swagger, all while minimizing our environmental footprint."

The DSGN BY D. Signature Collection transcends print-on-demand limitations with All-Over-Print technology. Each piece is printed on demand after the order is placed, minimizing waste and honoring every design's integrity. Precision-cutting and hand-sewing elevate the experience, ensuring garments that are as comfortable as they are striking. While delivery takes slightly longer (13-17 days), this deliberate process is a conscious stand against fast fashion's excesses.

"Forget trends, embrace your attitude," declares Yeh. "DSGN BY D. is more than just a brand; it's a celebration of individuality, a manifesto for the bold, the stylish, and those who rewrite the rules with every step. Join the movement, wear your city vibe with pride, and let your spirit be your loudest statement."


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