Collection: Signature Collection

The DSGN BY D. Signature Collection is the heartbeat of our design squad, pulsating with the rhythm of a bold minimalist lifestyle.

This collection goes beyond the limitations of traditional print-on-demand by embracing All-Over-Print technology. Our designers craft pieces that transcend the usual "printable area." Forget about logos and graphics trapped in the rectangle in front of the chest and imagine vibrant designs and daring motifs dancing across every inch of your fabric. Precision-cutting and hand-stitching elevate the experience, ensuring the highest quality. This eco-conscious process minimizes waste and honors the integrity of every design, taking a little longer (13-17 days) but delivering a garment that's worth the wait.

The DSGN BY D. Signature Collection is an anthem for the bold, unapologetically stylish, and those who rewrite the rules with every step.